array antenna, microstrip antenna, side-lobes suppression, X-band communication.


In this paper, a microstrip patch array antenna is designed and simulated to operate in the X-band frequency region at 9.5 GHz. For X-band communication transmission, it is necessary to suppress the side lobe radiation pattern of the antenna as much as possible to avoid the transmission being intercepted and/or received by undesirable neighbouring satellites. The geometrical design of the microstrip patch array antenna is simulated and executed using CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) in order to study the effects of various antenna parameters such as S11, gain, directivity, side lobe level, and angular width. It is shown that the proposed antenna exhibits a low side lobe level of -14.2 dB with an acceptable high gain and directivity of 16.5 dB and 17.7 dB, respectively. The antenna configuration also has a size of only 285 mm × 59.275 mm which is much more compact and lightweight compared to the standard reflector antennas that are used for most X-band communication transmission.

ABSTRAK:  Kajian ini berkaitan antena cantuman barisan jalurmikro yang direka dan disimulasi beroperasi pada 9.5 GHz frekunsi daerah jalur-X. Pada transmisi komunikasi jalur-X, corak radiasi sisi-lobus antena perlu ditahan sebanyak mungkin bagi mengelak transmisi dipintas dan/atau diterima oleh satelit tetangga yang tidak di ingini. Rekaan geometri antena cantuman barisan jalurmikro disimulasi dan diuji menggunakan perisian CST Studio Gelombang Mikro (CST MWS) bagi mengkaji pelbagai kesan parameter antenna seperti S11, gandaan, keterarahan, tahap sisi-lobus dan lebar sudut. Didapati bahawa antena yang dicadangkan mempunyai tahap sisi-lobus -14.2 dB yang rendah dengan gandaan tinggi yang boleh diterima dan keterarahan sebanyak 16.5 dB dan 17.7 dB, masing-masing. Tatabentuk antena mempunyai saiz 285 mm × 59.275 mm yang kompak dan ringan berbanding antena pemantul piawai, di mana telah digunakan pada kebanyakan jalur-X transmisi komunikasi.


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Author Biography

Sarah Yasmin Mohamad, IIUM

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kulliyyah of Engineering
International Islamic University Malaysia


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Mohamad, S. Y., Ruslan, A. A. ., Badron, K. ., Ismail, A. F. ., Abdul Malek, N. F., & Mohd Isa, F. N. (2020). STUDY OF MICROSTRIP PATCH ARRAY ANTENNA FOR SIDE LOBE SUPPRESSION IN THE X-BAND REGION USING UNIFORM, BINOMIAL AND TSCHEBYSCHEFF EXCITATION METHODS. IIUM Engineering Journal, 21(1), 61 - 72.



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