compact, lightweight, microstrip patch antenna, VSAT application, X-band communication


In this paper, a microstrip patch antenna is designed to be used for X-band VSAT application at 7.5 GHz. The antenna is proposed to replace the massive and commonly used parabolic reflector antennas (46.0 inch × 29.3 inch × 13.5 inch (116.84 cm × 74.42 cm × 34.29 cm) with weight of 66.2 kg) in terms of portability due to its compact and lightweight features, with overall dimensions of 19.00 mm × 30.55 mm. The 7.5 GHz frequency is chosen based on the X-band frequency used in Malaysia, as reported by STRIDE. The microstrip patch antenna is first designed and simulated using CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS) and exhibits a good return loss (S11) of -42.09 dB, a bandwidth of 399 MHz, directivity of 7.63 dB and gain of 7.18 dB. The antenna is then fabricated using RT/duroid ® High Frequency 5880 substrate with a dielectric constant of ?r = 2.2, loss tangent of ? = 0.0009 and thickness of t = 1.574 mm. Next, the return loss and radiation pattern measurements are carried out to confirm the simulated results. The measurement of the antenna prototype provides a return loss S11 of -30.53 dB, bandwidth of 455 MHz, directivity of 5.51 dB and gain of 3.88 dB.

ABSTRAK: Di dalam kajian ini, antena jalurmikro dicadangkan untuk tujuan aplikasi jalur-X VSAT pada 7.5 GHz. Antena jalurmikro ini dicadangkan untuk menggantikan antena reflektor parabola yang besar dan biasa digunakan (46.0 inci × 29.3 inci × 13.5 inci (116.84cm × 74.42cm × 34.29cm) dengan berat 66.2kg), kerana cirinya yang mudah alih dengan fizikalnya yang kecil dan ringan, dan dimensi keseluruhan 19.00 mm × 30.55 mm. Frekuensi 7.5 GHz dipilih berdasarkan frekuensi jalur-X yang digunakan di Malaysia, seperti yang dilaporkan oleh STRIDE. Antena jalurmikro ini direka dan disimulasi menggunakan perisian CST Studio Gelombang Mikro (CST MWS) dan menghasilkan kehilangan pulangan yang baik S11 -42.09 dB, lebar jalur 399 MHz, keterarahan 7.63 dB dan gandaan 7.18 dB. Antena jalurmikro ini kemudiannya direalisasikan dengan menggunakan substrat RT / duroid ® Frekuensi Tinggi 5880 dengan pemalar dielektrik ?r = 2.2, tangen kehilangan ? = 0.0009 dan ketebalan t = 1.574 mm. Seterusnya, pengukuran kehilangan pulangan dan corak radiasi dilakukan untuk mengesahkan keputusan simulasi. Pengukuran prototaip antena jalurmikro menunjukkan kehilangan pulangan S11 -30.53 dB, lebar jalur 455 MHz, keterarahan 5.51 dB dan gandaan 3.88 dB.


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Author Biography

Sarah Yasmin Mohamad, IIUM

Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kulliyyah of Engineering
International Islamic University Malaysia


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Mohamad, S. Y., Muzamil, N. F. ., Abdul Malek, N. F., Motakabber, S., Abd Malik, R., & Shuhaimi, N. I. (2022). DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA AT 7.5 GHz FOR X-BAND VSAT APPLICATION. IIUM Engineering Journal, 23(1), 60–67.



Electrical, Computer and Communications Engineering

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