• Majdee Tohtayong Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Princess of Naradhiwas University, Thailand
  • Sheroz Khan, Dr. International Islamic University Malaysia
  • MASHKURI BIN YAACOB, Prof. Dr International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Siti Hajar Yusoff, Dr. International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Musse Ahmed Mohamud Ahmed, Prof. Dr UniMAS Sarawakl




PWM, converter, stepped waveform, MMC, THD


ABSTRACT: This paper presents simulation results of the influence of wide range modulation index values ( ) in carrier-based PWM strategy for application in generating the stepped waveform. The waveform is tested for application in single-phase half-bridge modular multilevel converters (MMCs) topology. The results presented in this paper include a variation of the fundamental component (50 Hz) in the voltage output.  It also studies total harmonic distortion of the output voltage (THDv) and the output current (THDi) when the modulation index is changed over the linear-modulation region, 0 < < 1. It also explores the effect of a modulation index greater than 1. Moreover, different output voltage shapes, as a consequence of varied  on MMCs, are also illustrated for showing the effect of varying the value of on sub-module of MMCs.

ABSTRAK: Kajian ini berkenaan tentang pengaruh simulasi terhadap pelbagai nilai indeks ( ) berasaskan strategi PWM bagi menghasilkan bentuk gelombang bertingkat. Bentuk gelombang ini diuji untuk aplikasi topologi MMCs. Keputusan menunjukkan variasi pada komponen asas (50Hz) pada voltan akhir. Keputusan menunjukkan jumlah penyelarasan harmonik voltan akhir (THDv) dan arus (THDv) apabila indeks modulasi telah ditukar pada had modulasi linear, 0 < < 1. Ia juga membincangkan tentang kesan indeks modulasi lebih daripada 1. Selain itu, bentuk voltan akhir yang berbeza mengikut perubahan nilai   pada MMCs juga dilampirkan bagi menunjukkan kesan perbezaan nilai    pada sub-modul MMCs.


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Tohtayong, M., Khan, S., YAACOB, M. B., Yusoff, S. H., MIDI, N. S. B., & Ahmed, M. A. M. (2018). WIDE RANGE MODULATION INDEXES FEATURED CARRIER-BASED PWM STEPPED WAVEFORM FOR HALF-BRIDGE MODULAR MULTILEVEL CONVERTERS. IIUM Engineering Journal, 19(2), 43–53. https://doi.org/10.31436/iiumej.v19i2.788



Electrical, Computer and Communications Engineering

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