Design And Implementation of Two-Phase Interleaved Voltage Source Inverter For PV Applications




IVSI, Total Harmonic Distortion(THD), Ripple, MPPT.


ABSTRACT:The design of a voltage source inverter is challenging for PV-grid connected systems due to power quality issues. To improve the power quality,a two-phase interleaved voltage source inverter (IVSI) is proposed in this paper. IVSI phase shifts two voltage source inerters connected in parallel. The inverter topology is interfaced with a 40W PV panel employing a multiple maxima search (MMS) MPPT algorithm. This algorithm results in higher tracking efficiency compared to existing methods. Modelling of the PV with MPPT and the circuit configuration of the interleaved inverter is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The switches in the IVSI is controlled by employing a unipolar PWM technique. The performance of the IVSI is investigated in terms of weighted total harmonic distortion (WTHD), distortion factor (DF), harmonic spread factor (HSF), and inductor current ripple and compared with classical VSI. From the analysis, it is inferred that the proposed inverter results in reduced total harmonic distortion(THD) and decreased inductor current ripple thereby producing a high-quality output. The hardware model of the two-phase IVSI is developed and interfaced with PV where gating pulses are generated in FPGA. The simulation results are validated experimentally.

ABSTRAK: Rekaan pembalik sumber voltan adalah mencabar pada sistem gabungan grid-PV disebabkan isu kualiti tenaga. Bagi memperbaharui kualiti tenaga, pembalik sumber voltan antara lembar dua-fasa (IVSI) telah dicadangkan dalam kajian ini. Anjakan fasa IVSI pembalik sumber voltan dua-fasa telah dihubungkan secara selari. Topologi pembalik telah diantaramukakan dengan 40W panel PV dengan mengunakan carian maksima berganda (MMS) algoritma MPPT. Hasil algoritma menunjukkan lebih tinggi keberkesanan dibandingkan dengan kaedah sedia ada. PV model dengan MPPT dan konfigurasi litar pembalik antaramuka telah disimulasi menggunakan MATLAB/SIMULINK. Suis dalam IVSI dikawal dengan menggunakan teknik PWM unipolar. Dapatan kajian ke atas IVSI adalah berdasarkan berat pengherotan total harmoni (WTHD), faktor pengherotan (DF), faktor sebaran harmoni (HSF), getaran arus pembalik dan dibandingkan dengan kaedah klasik VSI. Analisis menunjukkan kesimpulan dapatan kajian ke atas pembalik yang dicadangkan telah berkurang jumlah pengherotan harmoni (THD) dan getaran arus pembalik telah berkurang, oleh itu menghasilkan hasil akhir yang berkualiti tinggi. Model perkakasan IVSI dua-fasa telah dibangunkan dan diantaramukakan dengan PV di mana signal pengegetan dihasilkan dalam FPGA. Dapatan hasil simulasi telah disahkan secara eksperimen.


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HARIKA SRIDHARAN, SSN College of Engineering

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Seyezhai Ramalingam

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India


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