A Novel method to estimate Economic Replacing Time of Transformer Using Monte Carlo Algorithm and ANN

  • Mehdi Zareian Jahromi Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Poly-technique)
  • M.Hossein Mehrabanjahromi Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran,Iran
  • Mohsen Tajdinian Shiraz University
  • Mehdi Allahbakhshi Shiraz University


A hybrid method for developing a more principled approach is presented to determine the life expectancy of transformers. The approach is constructed on an economic analysis of the transformers operational characteristics in combination  with the technical issues incorporated in the decision process. In this method, firstly life time of transformer is estimated using a hybrid method based on Monte Carlo algorithm and artificial neural network. Also Pareto distribution function is applied to consider health history of transformer and uncertainty in DP behavior of transformer. In the next step, a method is proposed in order to estimate economic replacement time of transformer. This method is based on the well-known bathtub failure model, containing repairs and scheduled maintenance, in order to achieve at a more economically aim  replacing decision. This aim is obtained in part by considering the uncertainty intrinsic in transformer failures and the corresponding discontinuations in power. In essence, this method organizes a decision support system for determination the life expectancy of a transformer. Simulation results show the high accuracy and functionality of the proposed approach in estimating economic replacing time of the Transformer.


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Author Biographies

Mehdi Zareian Jahromi, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Poly-technique)
Department of Electrical Engineering
M.Hossein Mehrabanjahromi, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University,Tehran,Iran
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Mohsen Tajdinian, Shiraz University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mehdi Allahbakhshi, Shiraz University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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