Gas Permeation Characteristics across Nano-Porous Inorganic Membranes


  • M.R Othman, H. Mukhtar School of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Campus, University Science Malaysia, 14300 Nibong Tebal, P. Pinang.
  • A.L. Ahmad Program of Chemical Engineering, University Technology Petronas, 31750 Tronoh, Perak



An overview of parameters affecting gas permeation in inorganic membranes is presented. These factors include membrane physical characteristics, operational parameters and gas molecular characteristics. The membrane physical characteristics include membrane materials and surface area, porosity, pore size and pore size distribution and membrane morphology. The operational parameters include feed flow rate and concentration, stage cut, temperature and pressure. The gas molecular characteristics include gas molecular weight, diameter, critical temperature, critical pressure, Lennard-Jones parameters and diffusion volumes. The current techniques of material characterization may require complementary method in describing microscopic heterogeneity of the porous ceramic media. The method to be incorporated in the future will be to apply a stochastic model and/or fractal dimension. Keywords: Inorganic membrane, surface adsorption, Knudsen diffusion, Micro-porous membrane, permeation, gas separation.


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H. Mukhtar, M. O., & Ahmad, A. (2012). Gas Permeation Characteristics across Nano-Porous Inorganic Membranes. IIUM Engineering Journal, 5(2).