A Proposed Method for Improving the Performance of P-Type GaAs IMPATTs

  • H. A. El-Motaafy EE Dep., High Technology Institute (HTI), Ramadan-Tenth City, Cairo, Egypt


A special waveform is proposed and assumed to be the optimum waveform for p-type GaAs IMPATTs. This waveform is deduced after careful and extensive study of the performance of these devices. The results presented here indicate the superiority of the performance of the IMPATTs driven by the proposed waveform over that obtained when the same IMPATTs are driven by the conventional sinusoidal waveform. These results are obtained using a full-scale computer simulation program that takes fully into account all the physical effects pertinent to IMPATT operation.  In this paper, it is indicated that the superiority of the proposed waveform is attributed to its ability to reduce the bad effects that usually degrade the IMPATT performance such as the space-charge effect and the drift-velocity dropping below saturation effect. The superiority is also attributed to the ability of the proposed waveform to improve the phase relationship between the terminal voltage and the induced current.

Key Words: Computer-Aided Design, GaAs IMPATT, Microwave Engineering


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A. El-Motaafy, H. (1). A Proposed Method for Improving the Performance of P-Type GaAs IMPATTs. IIUM Engineering Journal, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.31436/iiumej.v1i1.327