Estimation of Solar Radiation: An Empirical Model for Bangladesh


  • Mohammad Arif Sobhan Bhuiyan Southern University Bangladesh



This study is carried out to compute empirically global, diffuse and direct solar radiation on a horizontal surface for the ten districts equally distributed all over Bangladesh (20o34΄and 26o34΄north latitude, 88o01΄ and 92o41΄east longitude) as well as to predict correlations for them. For this study, meteorological data for 28 years (between 1980 and 2007) is used which is collected from Bangladesh Meteorological Department. The global radiation in Bangladesh is found to be maximum in the month of April/May and minimum in the month of November/December in all the districts. The values of the correlation coefficients a, b, c, d, c', d', e, f, e' and f' for ten stations of Bangladesh are also evaluated. It is evident that, the values of the coefficient “a” vary from 0.2296 to 0.2569, while the coefficient “b” varies from 0.5112 to 0.5560. The over all mean deviations of the ten values of a and b are 0.2432±0.0136 and 0.5336±0.0224, respectively. The maximum and minimum values of other correlation coefficients c, d, c', d', e, f, e' and f' are (1.5695 and 1.4357), (-1.7210 and -1.9986), (0.4011 and 0.376), (-0.2072 and -0.2510), (-0.3811 and -0.5464), (1.946 and 1.6456), (-0.1206 and -0.1684) and (0.7984 and 0.7000) respectively. Their maximum variations due to location are (1.5022±0.0672), (-1.8598±0.1388), (0.3885±0.0125), (-0.2291±0.0219), (-0.4637±0.0826), (1.7958±0.1502), (-0.1445±0.0239) and (0.7492±0.0492) respectively.

ABSTRAK: Kajian ini dibuat secara empirikal mengenai kadar penyebaran secara resapan, global dan langsung radiasi solar, keatas permukaan mendatar untuk sepuluh daerah di seluruh Bangladesh (20o34΄ dan 26o34΄ utara latitud, 88o01΄ dan longitud 92o41΄ timor) dan meramal korelasi mereka. Kajian ini menggunakan data meteorologi selama 28 tahun (antara 1980 dan 2007) yang dikutip dari Jabatan Meteorologi Bangladesh. Radiasi global maksima di Bangladesh adalah pada bulan April / Mei dan minima pada bulan November / Disember di semua daerah. Kajian dibuat mengenai nilai pekali korelasi a, b, c, d, c', d', e, f, e' dan f' bagi sepuluh stesen di Bangladesh. Nilai pekali "a" adalah antara 0.2296 dan 0.2569, manakala pekali "b" adalah antara 0.5112 dan 0.5560. Sisihan min keseluruhan bagi sepuluh nilai a dan b adalah 0.2432 ± 0.0136 dan 0.5336 ± 0.0224. Nilai maksima dan minima pekali korelasi lain c, d, c', d', e, f, e' dan f' adalah (1.5695 and 1.4357), (-1.7210 dan -1.9986), (0.4011 dan 0.376), (-0.2072 dan -0.2510), (-0.3811 dan -0.5464), (1.946 dan 1.6456), (-0.1206 dan -0.1684) dan (0.7984 dan 0.7000). Variasi maksima antara mereka disebabkan lokasi adalah (1.5022±0.0672), (-1.8598±0.1388), (0.3885±0.0125), (-0.2291±0.0219), (-0.4637±0.0826), (1.7958±0.1502), (-0.1445±0.0239) dan (0.7492±0.0492).

KEYWORDS: Bangladesh; coefficient; correlation; radiation; solar


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Author Biography

Mohammad Arif Sobhan Bhuiyan, Southern University Bangladesh

Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering,
Southern University Bangladesh.




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