Comparison of Relativistic Perturbations on Spacecraft Earth Orbits


  • Nicholas Mastricola
  • Ossama Abdelkhalik Michigan Technological University



In this paper, the individual relativistic perturbations are simulated and compared, for two orbit cases: (1) a medium altitude eccentric earth orbit (MEO), and (2) a Molniya orbit. The results of the simulations are presented in graphical and statistical form. The simulation data reveals that the specific forces that arise from the relativistic perturbations do manifest as variations in the classical orbital elements. It is also apparent from the simulated data that the specific forces exhibit similar effects that materialize from commonly considered perturbations that are used in orbit design and maintenance.

ABSTRAK: Dalam kertaskerja ini, pengusikan relativistik disimulasi dan dibandingkan secara individu bagi dua kes orbit: (1) orbit eksentrik bumi ketinggian sederhana (MEO), dan (2) orbit Molniya. Hasil simulasi ini dibentangkan dalam bentuk grafik dan statistik. Data simulasi menunjukkan daya spesifik pengusikan relativistik timbul sebagai variasi bagi elemen orbit klasik. Data simulasi menunjukkan daya spesifik memberi kesan yang sama dengan pengusikan biasa yang digunakan dalam rekabentuk dan penyelenggaraan orbit.

KEYWORDS: relatistic perturbations; orbit perturbations


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Author Biography

Ossama Abdelkhalik, Michigan Technological University

Dr. Ossama Abdelkhalik is Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Technological University. He received his PhD from Texas A&M University in 2005. His research interests are space mechanics, spacecraft dynamics and control, and estimation of dynamic systems. Dr. abdelkhalik is a member of the AIAA Technical Committee on Astrodynamics and is a reviewer in: AIAA Journal of Guidance Dynamics and Controls,  AIAA Journal of Spacecraft and Rocket, AIAA, AAS Journal of Astronautical Sciences, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, and ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control.




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Mastricola, N., & Abdelkhalik, O. (2013). Comparison of Relativistic Perturbations on Spacecraft Earth Orbits. IIUM Engineering Journal, 14(1).