raw cotton , mass transfer , fibers, heat exchange , drying drum, process, differential equations, temperature.


The paper deals with the construction of a mathematical model of the cotton drying process, taking into account the thermal and mass transfer properties of raw cotton components. To determine changes in the temperature of the fibre and raw cotton seeds, the application of Fourier's law is proposed. The mathematical dependence of the change on the humidity of the cotton fibre and seeds along the length of the drum is determined. The rational value of the heat agent consumption in the process of drying raw cotton is also determined. Research methods are based on the provisions of modern trends in management theory and identification. Mathematical models are constructed using analytical methods and equations that describe the physical properties of an object. Methods for constructing a mathematical model usually rely on experimental methods, in particular, the method of acceleration curves, and as a result, the mathematical description becomes a priori inaccurate. It is shown that the mathematical model used is quite adequate for the dynamics of a real object, fully describes it, and characterizes it over the entire range of changes. The analysis of the developed mathematical model based on simulation showed the adequacy of the obtained mathematical dependence of the temperature regime of the cotton drying process with the consumption of heat agent.

ABSTRAK: Kajian ini membincangkan tentang penciptaan model matematik bagi proses pengeringan kapas, dengan mengambil kira terma dan sifat-sifat pindah jisim komponen kapas mentah. Bagi mendapatkan perubahan suhu fabrik dan biji benih kapas mentah, penggunaan hukum Fourier telah dicadangkan. Kebergantungan matematik pada perubahan kelembapan fabrik kapas dan biji benih sepanjang drum telah diperolehi. Nilai bersesuaian menggunakan ejen haba dalam proses pengeringan kapas kering mentah didapati. Kaedah kajian berdasarkan tren moden dalam teori pengurusan dan pengenalpastian. Model matematik dibina dengan menggunakan kaedah analisis dan persamaan yang menerangkan ciri-ciri fizikal pada objek. Kaedah bagi membina model matematik selalunya bergantung pada kaedah eksperimen, khususnya, kaedah pecutan melengkung, dan hasilnya, penyataan penaakulan matematik menjadi tidak tepat. Model matematik yang digunakan adalah cukup bagi objek dinamik sebenar, dengan penerangan penuh dan perincian ke atas keseluruhan perubahan. Analisis model matematik yang terhasil berdasarkan simulasi, dilihat cukup kebergantungan matematik terhasil melalui proses pengeringan kapas pada aturan suhu dengan ejen haba.


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