wave action, spectral component, method of characteristics, acceleration length, wave beam


ABSTRACT: Methods are given for calculating the formation of wind waves in flowing reservoirs, taking into account oncoming and associated currents and the limitation of acceleration by the banks.

ABSTRAK: Kaedah diberikan bagi mengira pembentukan gelombang angin dalam takungan aliran, dengan mengambil kira arus datang dan aliran berkaitan dan kekurangan pecutan pada tebing.


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Author Biography

Alisher Normurodovich Khazratov, Karshi Engineering Economics Institute

Senior teacher in "Operation of hydraulic structures and pumping stations" department 


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Eshev, S., Khazratov, A., Rahimov, A., & Latipov, S. (2020). INFLUENCE OF WIND WAVES ON THE FLOW IN FLOWING RESERVOIRS. IIUM Engineering Journal, 21(2), 125–132.



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