Optimization, regularization, heat transfer, initial time, critical index


Optimization of the regularization of the Fourier series in the case of a steady state heat transfer plate and heat transfer insulated plate problems are investigated and the regularization of the series solutions at a fixed point on the plates are studied at initial time and critical index.

ABSTRAK: Pengoptimuman aturan siri Fourier telah dikaji pada keadaan tetap masalah plat pindah haba dan plat penebat pindah haba. Penyelesaian bersiri secara aturan pada titik tetap plat telah dikaji pada masa mula dan indeks penting.


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Akter, F. F., Abdumalik Rakhimov, Ahsan Ali Khan, & Torla bin Hj Hasan. (2020). OPTIMIZATION OF THE REGULARIZATION OF THE SOLUTION OF THE PLATE HEAT TRANSFER PROBLEMS. IIUM Engineering Journal, 21(1), 113–125. https://doi.org/10.31436/iiumej.v21i1.1143



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