Ali Izanlo, asghar gholamian, mohammad verij kazemi


In this paper, the behavior of a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) is proposed under unbalanced grid voltage and without using a rotor position sensor. There are two main methods that are been used for the detection of rotor position: using shaft sensor and sensorless algorithm. In this paper the shaft sensor is eliminated and a position sensorless algorithm is used for estimating the rotor position. Sensorless operation is more desirable than using shaft sensor, because the shaft sensor has several disadvantages related to the cost, cabling, robustness and maintenance. Also, during network unbalance, three selectable control targets are identified for the rotor side converter (RSC), i.e., obtaining sinusoidal and symmetrical stator currents, mitigation of active and reactive powers ripples and the cancellation of electromagnetic torque oscillations. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is confirmed by the simulation results from a 2-MW DFIG system. It is concluded that the sensorless algorithm is able to produce accurate results similar to the case of that used from shaft sensor and it can be used in the practical applications.

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