Morteza Pourmehdi, Abolfazl Ranjbar Noei, Jalil Sadati


In this manuscript, for the first time, a fractional-order manifold in a synergetic approach using a fractional order controller is introduced. Furtheremore, in the synergetic theory a macro variable is expended into a linear combination of state variables. An aim is to increase the convergence rate as well as time response of the whole closed loop system. Quality of the proposed controller is investigated to control and synchronize a nonlinear chaotic Coullet system in comparison with an integer order manifold synergetic controller. The stability of the proposed controller is proven using the Lyapunov method. In this regard stabilizing control effort is yielded. Simulation result confirm convergence of states towards zero. This is achieved through a control effort with fewer oscillations and lower amplitude of signls which confirm feasibility of the control effort in practice.

KEYWORDS:  synergetic control theory; fractional order system; synchronization; nonlinear chaotic Coullet system; chaos control

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