Issues in Education for Syrian Elementary Refugee Learners in Turkey: A Systematic Review


  • Merah Souad Department of Social Foundation and Educational Leadership, Kulliyyah of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Ramdane Tahraoui Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Kulliyyah of Education, International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Ghada Tahraoui Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom



Syrian refugees in Turkey, conflict zones, education in emergencies, integration, repatriation, elementary learners


The provision of education for Syrian refugees is a major issue of concern for both the Turkish government and the population due to the immense number of refugees, the availability of resources and the complexity of the former’s educational needs. This review aims to synthesize the empirical quantitative and qualitative research, reports and literature related to the appropriateness of current educational practices catering for the educational needs of Syrian refugee children in Turkey, as well as the challenges facing these efforts. Related literature, previous studies and reports were systematically reviewed based on which a reflective analytical account of the actual educational practices and challenges were presented. Pertinent political, social & cultural aspects were further highlighted. By doing so, the researchers aim to determine which of the challenges are hindering the provision of education for refugee children based on the findings of related research. The results of the review indicated that most of the conducted research and reports have concluded that most of the educational practices dedicated to Syrian refugee children were far from being well constructed. The education provided was found to be remedial, spontaneous, reactional and of a tinkering nature. Therefore, a research gap was identified. It consists of the need to investigate other educational remedies to assist in tackling these challenges and to provide a more reliable and comprehensive education for emergencies to aid refugees in fighting back all forms of abuse and exploitation, as well as to facilitate the process of integration in host communities or repatriation to their motherland.


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Souad, M., Tahraoui, R., & Tahraoui, G. (2022). Issues in Education for Syrian Elementary Refugee Learners in Turkey: A Systematic Review. IIUM Journal of Educational Studies, 10(1), 179–203.

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