Assessing the feasibility of micro-computed tomography in comparing mineral densities and volume values of enamel and dentine in permanent premolars which were extracted teeth for orthodontic and periodontal treatment


  • Semsettin Yildiz F?rat University, Department of Pediatric Dentistry / Elaz?g, Turkey
  • Izzet Yavuz Dicle University, Department of Pediatric Dentistry / Diyarbakir, Turkey
  • Hakan Kamalak Sutcu ?mam University, Department of Restorative Dentistry / Kahramanmaras, Turkey
  • Zeki Akkus Dicle University, Department of Biostatistics / Diyarbakir, Turkey



dentin, enamel, micro-computerized tomography, mineral density, volume


The objective of our study was to show that the volumes of enamel-dentin tissues and mineral tissue densities of the teeth of young and adult individuals extracted for orthodontic and periodontal purposes could be measured using micro-computerized tomography. Non-decayed teeth extracted due to orthodontic and periodontal reasons were used. The teeth were scanned using a micro-CT (Skyscan 1172, Bruker, Belgium) device. The image data of the samples scanned with micro-CT were used in computer settings through the CTAn program for the calculation of the volumes of enamel and dentin tissues and their mineral densities. Comparisons between groups showed that there is no statistically significant difference between occlusal, middle, or apical zone mineral density values of the enamel and dentin tissues of the teeth in group 1 and group 2 (p>0,05). In addition, no statistically significant difference was detected between the mineral density values of average enamel and dentin tissues. Comparison between groups themselves showed a statistically significant difference between percentage ratios of enamel, dentin, and pulp volume compared to crown volume (p<0.05). We believe that the micro-CT technique is an imaging method that can perform accurate and sensitive measurements meant of volume changes observed in tooth tissues with time. In addition, we concluded that with micro-CT, the densities in enamel and dentin tissues in study groups could be measured reliably.


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