Ethical Statement

Ethical Statement:

Journal of Pharmacy is committed to meet and uphold standards of ethical behavior at all stages of the publication process.

Ethical issues that need to be adhered to before submission:

  • Authorship:

Authorship should be limited to those who significantly contributed to the study. A maximum of 6 authors are allowed. Papers having more than 6 persons need to list each author role for editorial consideration.


  • Originality and plagiarism:

Submissions must be completely original works. Results or information from other studies must be cited or quoted. Authors are recommended to use plagiarism software before submission.


  • Disclosure on conflict of interest

Authors must disclose any conflict of interest


  • Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication:

Authors must not submit multiple, redundant or concurrent publications. Salami slicing and publication in multiple languages must be avoided.


  • Human and animal subjects

Human or animal ethical approval should be stated in the article and must be submitted for editorial board approval.


  • Use of patient images

Ethical committee approval and informed consent proof must be submitted before the work can be considered by the journal.