Ethical Statement

IIUM Journal of Orofacial and Health Sciences is committed to compliance with and upholding codes of ethical practice at all levels of the publication process. These include the following issues:


Authorship should be limited to those who have played an important part in the research. All authors have to agree with the submission and signed the IJOHS Copyright Transfer and Authorship Form.

Plagiarism and Originality:

Submissions must be entirely original works from the author(s) and findings from other studies must be properly cited or quoted. IJOHS utilized plagiarism check for all manuscript submissions.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:

Authors shall clearly reveal any possible conflict of interest.

Release Several, Redundant or Simultaneous Submissions:

Concurrent submissions are strictly not allowed.

Humans and Animals:

Authors should attest that full and written informed consent was obtained from human subjects and that the work was performed in accordance with the humane and ethical principles of research outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki. Statement on the approval from institutional review attests to the approval of that institution of the protocol for all aspects of the investigation should be presented in any manuscript involving humans or animals.