Author Guidelines


Submission Process (Initial Submission):

  1. The submitting author is required to complete, sign and upload the Copyright form.
  2. Manuscripts, submitted to JISDT, are reviewed by the members of the journal’s editorial board and other scholars who are selected from the local as well as international academic institutions.
  3. Upon receiving the manuscript, the editorial board decides whether a manuscript falls within the journal’s scope and subject or otherwise.
  4. Once given manuscript passes that level, the editorial board then appoints a minimum of two reviewers chosen for their knowledge of experience in the subject of the manuscript;
  5. JISDT uses double blind review process, in which the process of reviewing manuscripts is based on the anonymity of the author and the confidentiality of reviewers’ and editors’ reports. In this process, reviewers do not know about the authors of given papers, while authors do not know the reviewers of their manuscript, thus authors of given manuscripts are advised to avoid self-references.
  6. The review process is expected to be completed within four weeks, but conflicting recommendations and unpredictable events may cause some delay. In certain instances, a manuscript is accepted in principle, but that does not mean full acceptance; only when the necessary changes and improvements suggested by given reviewers are satisfactorily included, then the status of the paper changes from principle acceptance into acceptance.
  7. The editorial board reserves the right to edit given manuscripts to make it more readable.
  8. JISDT uses online database, and thus respective authors are advised to submit their manuscripts online, by uploading manuscripts directly to:


Submission process (Revised manuscript based on reviewers' comments)

  1. Submitting author should log in IIUM JISDT.
  2. Upload the revised manuscript as an Article text
  3. Authors are also required to submit Reviewer response along with revised manuscript Replying to reviewers’ comments
  4. Authors  are requested to use the reviewer form.  


Steps of article submission:

  1. For first time author, click register and do the registration.
  2. Login using your Author Username and password.
  3. Go to User Home.
  4. Click on New Submission.
  5. Click Choose File, click Upload, click Save and Continue.
  6. Enter Author information (click Add Author to add a new author), enter title and abstract, select language (en for English), copy and paste references, and click Save and Continue.
  7. Click Choose File, click Upload, click Save and Continue.
  8. Check your uploaded files and click on Finish Submission.


Guidelines for Authors

JISDT receives and welcomes manuscripts and research papers that were not published or not submitted for publication elsewhere. The template can be downloaded here. Authors of the submitted manuscripts are required to comply with the following guidelines:

Document Layout

a) Page Layout

  • Letter size
  • 1” (2.54cm or 6 picas) from top and bottom margins
  • 1.25” (3.54cm or 7.4 picas) from left and right margins
  • Paragraph width is 6” (15.25cm or 36 picas).

* All items such as paragraph, table, and figure should fit in this width. Otherwise, use horizontal orientation

 b) Page Alignment

  • Title: centered
  • Main text: justified

c) Type Font, Spacing, and Indent

  • Title: Arial 16, Bold; Leave two line-space above title for submission code
  • Abstract heading: Arial 14, Bold, Italic
  • Abstract text: Arial 11, Italic
  • Heading 1 (e.g., introduction): Arial 14, Bold (* Headings do not have roman numbers)
  • Heading 2: Arial 12, Bold, Italic (* Headings do not have roman numbers)
  • Heading 3: Arial 11, Bold (* Headings do not have roman numbers)
  • Line spacing: single
  • All other text: Arial 11
  • No indent: additional spacing separates paragraphs.

d) Page Number

  • All pages should be numbered in right bottom

 Manuscript material Ordering

a) Title b) Abstract c) Keywords d) Text

*Typically beginning with introduction and ending with conclusions; Section numbering allowed, if necessary

    e) References (APA style, available at f) Bibliography* g) Appendices h) List of Acronyms*

*Author information, acknowledgement, and other information about manuscript such as prior

submission should be filled out in the online form during submission.

* JISDT   logo, header, footer are not allowed to use.

Elements Style

a) Footnotes

*Footnotes are referred to by superscript number, and displayed on the same page

as referred in text; font is Arial 10, single-spaced.

b) In-Text Reference

In-text reference should be referred to in text within parentheses, as follows.

- Single author -(Fichman, 2004),

- Two authors - (Lyytinen and King, 2004)

- More than two authors - (Rossi et al., 2004)

c) Figures - Figures should be inserted at the end of the paragraph in which they are first referred. If

    there is not sufficient space for full display, it can appear on the next page.

  • Figure titles should be at the bottom of the figure box.
  • Figure title should be aligned center (both vertically and horizontally); black font, Arial 11.
  • Figure titles should be horizontally left aligned, vertically center aligned.

 Fig. 1. Example of Figure Appearance

d) Tables

Tables should be inserted at the end of the paragraph in which they are first referred. If there is not sufficient space for full display, it can appear on the next page.

  • Table should be aligned center (both vertically and horizontally), but the entry

    alignments are at authors’ disposal.

  • The font of entries is not bigger than Arial 10.
  • Table titles should be at the head of tables.
  • It should be white font, Arial 11. The height of the black box for

   table title is 0.25” for single line title, and 0.45” for double line title.

  • Table titles should be horizontally left aligned, vertically center aligned.

Table 1: Example of Table Appearance


System Type

Length [m]

Diameter [m]

Mass [kg]