About the Journal


The International Journal of Information Systems and Digital Technology (JISDT) is an international journal promoting the study of, and interest in, Information Systems (IS) and Digital Technologies (DT).  The journal will cover in depth and breadth the subject areas related to the fields of IS and digital technologies and techniques. Articles in this journal may be an outcome of latest research, practice, experience, current issues and debates related to the fields. The JISDT will encourage submission that reflect the wide and interdisciplinary nature of the subject and articles that integrate technological disciplines with social, contextual and management issues, based on research using appropriate research methods and paradigms of research and philosophies.


To provide platform for researchers to publish latest research outputs in the fields of Information Systems and Digital Technologies.


The proposed journal will cover all areas  of Information Systems, Digital Technology and ICT and Islam as given below:

Information Systems

  • Biomedical informatics, social informatics
    • Data Management, Information Management, Knowledge management, organizational learning, knowledge networks
    • Data mining, knowledge discovery, data warehouse, OLAP, ontologies
    • Database architectures/applications, decision support systems
    • Enterprise/executive information systems, ethics in IS
    • Functional information systems, impacts of information systems
    • Information Architecture and Taxonomy, Architectures/infrastructures, agent/intelligent/knowledge-based systems
  • IS education, outsourcing, performance, planning, quality, security, theories, models
    • IT globalization, interorganizational systems
    • Management information systems, management of information resources
    • Metrics/benchmarking, capabilities evaluation, research methods
    • Strategic IS, IT valuation, information economics, competitive advantage

Digital Technologies

    • Collaborative work systems/management, human factors, Software process/project management, workflow management, E-content Management
    • Digital Rights Management, Digital Information Archiving, Digital Information Literacy
    • e-commerce, virtual business
    • ICTs, media, communications, emerging information technologies
    • Information Search and Retrieval Management, Web Information Retrieval, Information overload, Information clustering, Reference Linking, Information Extraction
    • Intranet, Extranet and Portal Management, Web Publishing
    • Virtual information world, Information Visualization and visual exploration of knowledge domain

ICT and Islam

    • Information Ethics from an Islamic perspective
    • Information systems security and Islamic perspective
  • Islamic perspectives on managing IS/IT
  • Islamic Applications
  • IT and Islamic Dakwah