A study on Effectiveness in using Continuous Integration and Deployment for software development


  • Adis Nabawi Azizan IIUM
  • Asadullah Shah


Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment, Software Development, Jenkins, Github, Gitlab


Purpose -  The purpose of this paper is to help in providing insight on the effectiveness in using continuous integration in software development. This study aim is being completed using the help of existing journal and article, theories and literature review of effectiveness implementing the continuous integration.

Design Approach -  A total of 30 Journal and Article including literature review is been analysed using state of the art literature review methodology.

Findings – Due to limited resources and cost, the review is limited in Software development but provides avenues for future research in difference sector such as industries that required automation in their work. We also found out that the continuous delivery became popular in the current year as there a lot of software and application rises due to the booming of the smartphone technology.

Problems Statement – Even with the growth of technology some organisation still depends to the traditional method. This is because lack of expertise and no budgets. Continuous integration already exists in over a decade, but the implementation is not widely being introduce.


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Azizan, A. N., & Shah, A. (2020). A study on Effectiveness in using Continuous Integration and Deployment for software development. Journal of Information Systems and Digital Technologies, 2(2), 18–27. Retrieved from https://journals.iium.edu.my/kict/index.php/jisdt/article/view/83

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