Digital Transformation of Business Challenges and Issues in Developing Countries


  • Mamady Aissata Conde
  • Shafiullah Wasiq Master student


digitization, digital transformation, digital business transformation, issues and challenges, developing countries, digitalization


The digital transformation of business is now part of the strategic concerns and challenges of all companies in developing countries, regardless of their size: their activities, their human resources, their production processes, and their IT systems, as well as their marketing. The purpose of this digitization is to enable companies to integrate into technology, transform their economic environment, their business relationships, their working methods and their business prospects. These transformations necessarily impose new challenges on leaders, government and businesses. This study focuses on the true meaning of digital transformation, the difference between digitization, digitalization and digital transformation. In addition, we will provide some details on the challenges and issues, digital transformation of business plans and how to achieve the objective of digital transformation of businesses. 


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