Structurally and Arithmetically Controlled Grammars


  • S Ashaari
  • A Okhunov



Over the quarter century, it is gratifying to note that the significance of regulated or controlled
grammars (i.e. grammars with regulated rewriting) has been recognized by many parties where it has been
used widely in a great variety of scientific disciplines ranging from Linguistics through DNA Computing up
to the Informatics and recently come to Big Data Analytics. Therefore, literally we can find hundreds of
studies of well-known of various types of controlled grammars and their investigation have amount to a
thrilling trend within formal language theory. Given the extensive literature on issues related to controlled
grammars, this research focused on arithmetically controlled grammars and tree controlled grammars,
which are practically important. Thereby, in this paper, we briefly recapitulate the background of formal
language theory and highlight the key results of multiset grammars, valence grammars and tree controlled
grammars. In this paper, a new controlled grammar that can be generated using both control mechanisms
together is proposed for future research.




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Ashaari, S., TURAEV, S., & Okhunov, A. (2016). Structurally and Arithmetically Controlled Grammars. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing, 2(2).