• Hafis Bello KAED, IIUM
  • Mohd Fairullazi Ayob
  • Azila Ahmad Sarkawi


Background: Earlier studies have established a link between property maintenance and the lifespan of a property. The need for adequate maintenance is more important in the case of Waqf properties due to the uniqueness of Waqf properties concerning three of the core features – expected social benefits, ethical use and perpetuity. One drawback of previous reviews is that they were not usually Waqf-specific. We performed a systematised literature review of studies based on maintaining properties of Waqf.

Method: The review targeted articles that discuss maintenance of Waqf properties or indicates any form of a management model for these properties. The articles reviewed were searched from SpringerLink, Google Scholar, Emerald, SAGE, ISRA publications, as well as other databases. The searches for the database, title and abstract screen, full-text analysis and data extraction were carried out.

Result: Of the 919 papers listed, 12 met the requirements for inclusion. The findings indicate that while many previous studies focused on the administration and management of Waqf, Waqf institution, and the development and financing of Waqf only very few studies examined the maintenance of Waqf properties.

Discussion: Effective maintenance of Waqf properties is essential for the continued sustenance of the institution of Waqf and equitable distribution of income and provision of essential services to the larger society. However, the literature on the maintenance of Waqf properties is still quite scarce and therefore has been of a little practical guidance to managers of Waqf Properties.




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