As Assessment of Local Authority Performance in Delivering Their Services: Case Study of Ipoh City Council


  • Mariana Mohamed Osman



The trend towards a friendlier and efficient delivery of services found to be lacking in the local authorities. Therefore, a series of issues pertaining local authority performances has driven a need to further studies in order to improve their current service delivery. This paper examines the functions and its service delivery performed by Ipoh City Council in the state of Perak. Indeed, exploring the factors influencing the local authorities’ performances in its practice is relevant in assessing the quality of services given by the local authorities. The local authorities deal with the general public level directly and their performances are important in giving positive public perception to the overall government structure. Local government plays an important role to promote economic growth and creating job opportunities locally. In most developing countries, improving the quality of government delivery system is quite challenging, but effective government delivery systems are crucial in achieving the people’s satisfaction level.

This study derives from the literature review, and issues affecting the levels of customer satisfaction towards the services rendered by the local authority highlighted. A total of 250 respondents randomly selected to participate in the Ipoh City Council questionnaires survey. The survey was to assess the level of effectiveness and efficiency service delivery performed by Local Authorities in Ipoh. Issue identified were the lack of transparency, delays in services, lack of customer service courtesy and unaccountable practices that obstructs governmental effectiveness and creates numerous complaints among public and respondents. Hence several recommendations proposed in providing improvement in local authority delivery services.




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Mohamed Osman, M. . (2020). As Assessment of Local Authority Performance in Delivering Their Services: Case Study of Ipoh City Council . Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management (JAPCM), 4(2).