Area Of Productivity Improvement In The Nigerian Construction Industry





This paper discusses the areas where productivity improvements are required in the Nigerian construction industry. The questionnaire used for the study was adopted from the research of Arditi and Mochtar (2000) with additional questions on the factors influencing productivity and the actions thought necessary to improve productivity in the Nigerian construction industry. A combination of judgmental and snowballing (both non probability) sampling techniques were used for the study. The reason for this is that, the combination gives a strong semblance of probability sampling technique and this advantage makes it possible to make conclusive inference based on the findings of the research. The questionnaire for the study was distributed among construction contractors and design professionals that were located within the Lagos Island axis of Lagos state. Sixty-four (64) questionnaires were retrieved out of the one hundred and eighty (180) that were distributed to the respondents and this gives a total of 35.6% retrieval. The results of the research show that productivity improvement is mostly required in the Nigerian construction industry in four categories which are communication, management, computer utilization and labour. It was also discovered that most Nigerian contractors and designers are not willing to contribute funds to support programmes aimed at improving construction productivity. However, they were willing to serve as members of groups that would identify productivity problems and attend construction productivity conferences and meetings.




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