The Implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 among Construction Companies in Malaysia


  • Shamzani Affendy Mohd. Din


Today, with the deteriorating and unpredictable world climate, the need to preserve the environment is crucial in preventing rapid environmental deterioration. Sustainable development requires a balance between economic growth, social expansion and environmental protection. In order to pursue sustainable development, the construction industry itself has to be sustainable and gives emphasis on environmental matters, in addition to economic gains and social obligations. The ISO 14001 is a set of international standards for voluntary environmental management that has the potential to significantly impact the activities in construction to industry. This study aimed to investigate the level of awareness on the EMS 14001 among construction companies and to seek any obstacle or problems that obstruct the implementation of ISO 14001 in construction industry in Malaysia. Questionnaire-based interview was done on selected Grade 7 contractors in Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan to achieve the objective of this study. Frequency Statistical Analysis and Average Index Analysis were used to measure the questionnaire done. Seven construction companies were successfully interviewed of which three of them are contractors who have not yet implemented the EMS ISO 14001 and the other four are companies that have applied the system. Based on the findings and analysis, it is found that level of awareness of non-certified construction companies about ISO 14001 is still very low compared to the certified companies. Ten barriers also have been identified to be the problems which obstruct the implementation of EMS ISO 14001 in Malaysia Construction Company. Among them are the lack of government pressure, lack of client support and weak environmental culture among other competitors. In conclusion, several strategies including compulsion from government to make EMS ISO 14001 a compulsory requirement and support from the government have been proposed based in interviews and other countries’ action to facilitate the adoption of environmental management system (EMS) ISO 14001 in Malaysia Construction Industry.




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