The Nature and Effects of Subcontraction on the Performance of Building Projects in South-South Zone of Nigeria


  • Norzailawati Hj. Mohd. Noor



Due to the complex nature of construction projects, it is impracticable for an organisation to develop expertise in all trades and disciplines involved in the construction process. Thus the use of subcontracting is a necessity for the attainment of successful projects. The aim of the study is to investigate the level of use of subcontracting in building project delivery with the view of enhancing project performance in South-South zone of Nigeria. The objectives of the study include identifying the trades mostly executed by subcontractors, determining the effect of subcontractor’s performance on building projects executed and to determine the factors that affect the performance of subcontractors. Data for the study was collected through the use of 280 structured questionnaires, administered on a sample of project participants including, clients, contractors and consultants. Data collected were analysed using percentage, mean item score and Kruskal Wallis Rank test. The study identified that there is a very high level of use of subcontracting in the zone and roofing, plumbing and electrical installation are the work item mostly subcontracted. It was also identified that subcontracting has the most significant effect on quality than cost and time. Delay in progress payment, effectiveness of client’s representative team and misunderstanding of client’s requirement were identified as the factors that mostly affect the performance of subcontractors and projects. As a means of improving project performance, the study recommends that, quality requirement, clear definition of client requirements and scope of work should be well articulated and defined during the time of engagement. There should be adequate project team to monitor the subcontractors and there should be prompt valuation and payment of sub contractual jobs.




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Hj. Mohd. Noor, N. (2020). The Nature and Effects of Subcontraction on the Performance of Building Projects in South-South Zone of Nigeria . Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management, 1(2).