• Lana Kudumović



Under different local influence, in different part of the world introduced to the faith of Islam, diversity of architectural forms was produced. After Ottoman took control over Bosnia in 15th century, new religion of Islam was embraced and followed with construction of the mosques, a symbol of the Islam. Except big central mosques in urban areas, in each neighbourhood and villages with Muslim population mosques were constructed. Applying local materials those mosques were adopted to the local environments. In context of Bosnia and Herzegovina wooden minaret mosques were specifically built in Bosnia, using wood as suitable local material for construction, while in Herzegovina predominantly stone structures were constructed. Wooden minaret mosques are more than examples of the local architecture; moreover, they contain local skills in applying wooden constructions. Yet, there is obvious lack of understanding the values embedded into those structures.
This paper aims to explain values of wooden minaret mosque of Bosnia. Furthermore, case study of BrezovaÄa mosque located in northern part of the county was elaborated and the aim of this paper was to justify need to regain original shape and to explain proposed interventions relaying on similar structure from the close vicinity. This approach was accepted due to lack of source that would confirm exact information about this building.
To meet such aims, this research was focused on two points; 1) to introduction of the local wooden minaret mosques values, expressed more as intangible values inbuilt in the structure. In addition, setting of the structure and its integration with natural surroundings is highlighted; 2) to study the limited available sources about selected case study of BrezovaÄa mosque, and brief introduction to the current condition of the mosque. In the end, referring to the preserved examples from the surrounding, interventions to regain original shape of the mosque are proposed, and method of analogy is suggested as appropriate one.




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