At-Ta’reef wal Irshaad bi ‘Aqaa-id Ahlus-Sunnah


  • Sekou Toure



Most of the books of Islamic Creed found in Islamic heritage are characterized by their presentation of theology from the perspective of a particular sect out of the major Islamic sects. This methodology has given rise to serious and detrimental problems that affect the ummah (Muslim nation) up until this day, and from it stems the issues that divide the ummah. It is thus apparent that it is incapable of presenting the issues of theology from the perspective of that unites the Muslims. It is true that this methodology had been sound at one point during which it had to be applied; it had been the means of expression in dialogues and the way to answer questions related to pertinent matters of the time, as well as to address urgent new issues at that particular time. However, the goal of teaching Islamic Creed in this time of ours academically in specific is not based upon the instabilities and issues that it had once driven it. Hence, it is necessary to change the approach, methodology, and discourse to suit the change in impetus to and the goal of authoring such books, as well as the change in the general way of living of the people and their way of thinking. It is also worth noting that the universal moral principles associated with such changes do not necessarily contradict religion. This review undertakes a new book attempting to respond to a challenge resulted out of the classical discourses and arguments in presenting Islamic worldviews, and hence the reality of so-called Ahl Sunnah Wal Jama’ah

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Sekou Toure

Student at IIUM (IRKHS)




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Toure, S. (2019). At-Ta’reef wal Irshaad bi ‘Aqaa-id Ahlus-Sunnah. Journal of Islam in Asia (E-ISSN 2289-8077), 16(3), 454–459.