Permissible Medicine and Rationalization of Halal Pharma


  • Jawad Alzeer Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries, Halalopathic Research Unit, Zürichstrasse 70, Dübendorf, Switzerland



Halal Pharma, Integrative medicine, effective treatment, personalized therapy


Permissible medicine “Halalopathy” represents a compatible relation between therapeutic drug and human beliefs/lifestyles. Production of permissible drugs is achieved by evaluating ingredients and monitoring the production process to be compatible with a certain specific standard depending on the requirement of the lifestyle or belief of the patient. If drugs and beliefs are compatible, a domino chain effect will be initiated; trust will be developed, and the placebo effect will be activated. Consequently, a compatible system between mind and drug is established, faith in the treatment is intensified, entropy is lowered, potential energy is increased, and self-assurance is enriched. The compatibility concept is based on finding a connection between human’s belief and therapeutic drug where certain genes will be turned off epigenetically. Halalopathic medicine represents a new therapeutic concept in which holistic values - material, human, moral and spiritual values - are used to deliver the right treatment to the right patient.




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