Conditions of Submission

Agree to conditions of submission, IMJM copyright agreement.

During submission, you will need to accept and confirm the following conditions:

  • All authors of the manuscript have read and agreed to its content and are accountable for all aspects of the accuracy and integrity of the manuscript in accordance with ICMJE criteria
  • That the article is original, has not already been published in a journal, and is not currently under consideration by another journal,
  • That you agree to the terms of the IMJM Copyright Agreement and open access publishing

Human and Animal Ethics

Research manuscripts submitted must ensure that the research have been conducted conforming to accepted ethical guidelines. Research involving human subjects, human material, or human data, must have been performed in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki as stipulated by all ethics committees. It is mandatory that the manuscripts clearly state the approval of a nationally recognised Research Ethics Committee including the reference number. The Chief editor can use his discretion and either request for further information from the authors or the relevant Ethics committee to clarify any doubts. Manuscripts can be rejected if there is reason to suspect that the research has not been conducted within an appropriate ethical framework. This is possible despite an approval from an ethics committee.

Commencing from January 2022, submissions involving animal studies too should provide approval from their respective Institutional Bio/Animal Ethics Committee.