Stress Monitoring Device and its Future Direction


  • Azura Amid International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Zul Azhar Mahpodz International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Aszrin Abdullah International Islamic University Malaysia



near-infrared, biochemical, cortisol, wearable device


Stress and mental health have become a global concern as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This review highlights the technologies applied to stress monitoring with up-to -date literature on psychological and behavioural evaluation for stress detection. The working principle and potential of these stress identifiers, particularly physiological signals are explored. Researchers have been directing their interest in producing reliable and wearable devices to detect and prevent stress and panic attacks. The breakthrough of biochemical-near-infrared stress monitoring devices will facilitate medical practitioners in the early detection of stress and panic attacks. The review seeks to explore the types of methods used to detect stress as well as the pros and cons of the available technology while providing a new solution for future implications of stress monitoring detection devices.


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Amid, A., Mahpodz, Z. A., & Abdullah, A. (2023). Stress Monitoring Device and its Future Direction . IIUM Medical Journal Malaysia, 22(2).

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