Post-COVID-19 Symptoms, an Online Survey in Malaysia


  • Hana Maizuliana Solehan Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Nurul Azmawati Mohamed Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohd Dzulkhairi Mohd Rani Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Muslimah Ithnin Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia



COVID-19, post-COVID-19 symptom, Malaysia, Online survey


INTRODUCTION: Prolonged COVID-19 symptoms is one of the major challenges in the management of the disease. As the number of COVID-19 cases increased drastically, the number of those with prolonged symptoms are also accumulating, either diagnosed or undiagnosed. This study aimed to identify the long-term clinical symptoms of COVID-19 and the associated risk factors among Malaysian populations. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional survey using Google Form link for distribution of a self-administered questionnaire was shared and disseminated via online platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram. The inclusion criteria included those with a history of positive COVID-19 from 1st March 2020 until one month prior to the survey, and age above 18 years old. RESULTS: A total of 215 Malaysians participated, with 74% female respondents and a mean age of 36.4 years. Twenty-seven (12.6%) were asymptomatic when diagnosed with COVID-19. More than half (56%) still had symptoms at one-month of diagnosis, while 39% and 18% still had symptoms at the second and third months respectively. The most reported symptoms were lethargy (45.1%), difficult concentrating (22.3%) and cough (21.9%). Female, chronic lung disease and hypertension are significantly associated with prolonged symptoms at one month of COVID-19 infection. CONCLUSIONS: Lethargy, difficulty to concentrate and cough were the most common symptoms reported months after COVID-19 diagnosis. Apart from treating acute conditions, physicians should also be able to recognize and manage those symptoms. The findings of this study will help policymakers better grasp the social and economic consequences of long-term post-COVID-19 symptoms.




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Solehan, H. M., Mohamed, N. A. ., Mohd Rani, M. D. ., & Ithnin, M. (2022). Post-COVID-19 Symptoms, an Online Survey in Malaysia. IIUM Medical Journal Malaysia, 21(4).

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