Massive Open Online Courses as an Augmentation of E-Learning: A Review


  • Mohamed Ali Mahmod IIUM
  • Asma Md. Ali
  • Asadullah Shah



Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are considered as important trends in electronic
learning (e-learning) in higher education. Many universities offered MOOCs to any learners who prefer
learning via the internet and benefiting from the offered courses online. Massive Open Online Courses are
open learning to anyone to enrol and study and many offered courses are free which do not require paying
fees. MOOCs are delivered as video-based content via the internet offered by educational institutions and
universities to many international learners. There is a lack of previous studies and scientific papers that
investigates the global role of MOOCs in e-learning. MOOCs has emerged due to learning theories related
to learners whether individuals or networks of learners. Therefore, this paper reviews Massive Open Online
Courses characteristics, it spread around the world, its practical implementation in e-learning Learning
Management Systems (LMS) and its theoretical contributing roles to enhance e-learning through its roles
in promoting e-learning theories.




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Mahmod, M. A., Ali, A. M., & Shah, A. (2018). Massive Open Online Courses as an Augmentation of E-Learning: A Review. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing, 4(2), 1–4.

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