Religious Diversity and Islam in America


  • Jalal Uddin Khan



Diversity is the essence and spirit of America or the West both as a place and a people. Islam also allows for diversity within its concept of unity and oneness of God. Muslims, therefore, have no problem co-existing in peace with the Jews, Christians and the followers of other religions. Problems arise (a) when secular values or principles disturb the working balance of the otherwise mutually exclusive religious diversity and harmony in America; (b) when one follows opportunist policies, practices double standards, and is moved by mere worldly or political interests; and (c) when war against the Zionist-and-neoconservative-manufactured terrorism turns into war against Islam. Such misleading and mischievous tendencies or policies prevent peace from prevailing, which ultimately tarnish the image of religions in the eyes of their followers and those of the rest making a mockery of the idea of religious diversity even in the so-called most democratic country called the United States of America!


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