The Authenticity of Theology in Scientific and Technological Thinking


  • Anhar Anshory Faculty of Islamic Religion at University Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia‎
  • Ahmad Faizuddin Ramli Sultan Idris Education University
  • Ramli Awang Independent Researcher



The deprivation of knowledge from the bond of true belief will destroy and ruin human life and nature. This has been demonstrated in the Western scientific and technological civilisations that dominate the world today. Western scientific civilisation today is the product of scientists who have no real faith in the Creator of the universe. Nevertheless, there are efforts among Western scientists who have awareness in this modern era, who began to take steps to restore the agenda of Science and Technology within the framework of religious beliefs. This literature-based study discovers many negative effects resulting from the absence of true theology in understanding Science and Technology, which is based on a secular understanding. Apart from that, this article also reveals the nature and appearance of Science and Technology that are firmly embroidered with natural theology leading to universal well-being.


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Anshory, A. ., Ramli, A. F., & Awang, R. (2023). The Authenticity of Theology in Scientific and Technological Thinking. Intellectual Discourse, 31(1).