US Embassy in Jerusalem: Reasons, Implications and Consequences


  • Abdul Rashid Moten


President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
has been condemned across Arab and predominantly Muslim countries. Based
on the documentary analysis, this study analyses the reasons for Donald
Trump’s decision, its implication and consequences for Palestinian peaceprocess.
It is found that President Trump was following through on his major
campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem and was simply implementing the
Congress decision to relocate Jerusalem. The argument that this decision will
adversely affect the role of the US as an honest broker in Israel-Palestine conflict
is untenable. The US has never been an impartial moderator and has sided
with Israel militarily, economically and politically. The peace-process did not
materialise simply because Israel was not willing to concede to an independent
Palestinian state and because the US was not willing to exert pressure on Israel
to agree to a two-state solution.


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