What To Buy For My Love...


  • Muhammad Muzamil Sattar Sukkur IBA University
  • Priya Bai


It was February 13th, 2020, Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and Anita wanted to buy a mobile phone to be given as a valentine gift to her boyfriend, Ravi. During brainstorming last night with her brother she decided to buy a mobile phone out of different choices. She was not very good at technological oriented product and it was decided that her brother would meet her in the market but due to unavoidable circumstances he could not come. Now standing alone in the mobile market of Calcutta she had to choose 1 out of 3 mobile phones shown by different salesperson. She had to shake off her indecisive nature and decide whether to choose J5 (Reliable but may not be suitable according to occasion), C7 Zepro (on discount) or Love 4 (Especially for occasion but may be unreliable).




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