The IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management is an internationally refereed journal published twice yearly by the Graduate School of Management, International Islamic University Malaysia. The journal is dedicated to the development and promotion of case studies in the field of management and related disciplines for the purpose of enhancing our knowledge and understanding in the areas. Cases selected for publication are expected to deal with important issues related to the discipline, which may be used, among others, by instructors of Master of Business Administration and Master of Management programmes. Special consideration will be given to cases that deal with management issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Cases based on both research and secondary sources, will be considered. Also, papers on case writing, case teaching and case analysis will be accepted for publication. Occasionally the journal will publish empirical papers on current issues in management.


Type of access:

Open access. This is due to the maximum dissemination of the management cases published in the journal. However, the instructors of the cases are expected to acknowledge the journal while using the cases for class discussion.

Review Process:

Currently, every submitted case is reviewed by two experts in the area using a double blind reviewing process. The editorial makes the final decision whether the case would be accepted or rejected on the basis of the recommendations of both the reviewers.

Publication Process:

After completion of the reviewing process, if a case is accepted by the editorial board, it will be sent for copyediting followed by publication of the case. At this moment, only soft copies of the cases are published through the journal website.

Publication Fee:

No publication fees are charged.