• Nurul Aisyah Mohd Reduzan
  • Syarifah Najihah Syed Habib
  • Wan Suhailah Wan Husain
  • Siti Hazwani Yusoh
  • Amelia Hanim Mat Lazim
  • Norliza Abdullah


Introduction: Hearing loss among elderly with metabolic disease is not widely been studied.  However in this study, we are focusing on hypertension and  diabetes mellitus without differentiating between types. Some of studies associated it with the medications taken that contribute to hearing loss. However, in these studies, we are not focusing on medication taken among subject but to configure the impact of metabolic diseases to hearing.The purpose of this paper is to investigate the prevalence of hearing loss among elderly with metabolic disease in Terengganu. In this study, the elderly who having metabolic disease is identified as having a cluster of hypertension, and diabetes mellitus (Type I and Type II).

Methods:The retrospective study was carried out of all 175 elderly ( > 60 years old ). All has attended audiology clinic in Hospital SultanahNurZahirah, Hospital Kemaman and Hospital Besut from 1st August until 30th November 2017.The data were extracted from Program SaringanPendengaranBerimpak Tinggi BagiPerkhidmatan (ORL) 2017. All subjects has done pure tone audiometry (0.5, 1,2, 4 and 8 Hz) and tympanometry. They have been diagnosed to have normal hearing and hearing loss ( including sensorineural (SNHL), conductive ( CHL) and mixed  hearing loss(MHL)) at one or both ears.

Results:In total of 175 subjects , there are 161 subjects  having hearing loss, 10 with unilateral hearing loss and 10 subjects with normal hearing. Among subjects with hearing loss, there are 142 subjects are having SNHL, 5 subjects with CHL and 47 with MHL.

Conclusion:This study indicated that, most of the subjects (81.14%) are diagnosed to have sensorineural hearing loss . It is recognized that further initiatives and studies will have to be performed to better define the relation between metabolic disorders and the hearing status among them.


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Reduzan, N. A. M., Habib, S. N. S., Wan Husain, W. S., Yusoh, S. H., Lazim, A. H. M., & Abdullah, N. (2019). PREVALENCE OF HEARING LOSS AMONG ELDERLY WITH METABOLIC DISEASE IN TERENGGANU. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES, 3(1), 583–583. Retrieved from

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