Challenges in Teaching English to Preschoolers: A Case Study in Malaysian Schools


  • Ainul Azmin Md Zamin International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Maskanah Mohammad Lotfie
  • Rabiah Tul Adawiyah Mohamed Salleh



English as a preschool instructional language, Malaysian public preschools, teaching English to preschoolers


This paper investigates the challenges preschool teachers face in an environment where they are expected to use English as a language of instruction alongside Malay, the national language. Information on the teachers’ educational background in teaching and training was gathered, their perceptions of the problems they face in facilitating the teaching and learning process of the children, as well as their suggestions on effectively overcoming the setbacks. In-depth online interviews were carried out and data analysis was carried out by utilising Atlas-ti. The results indicated that the teachers face a lack of skills in teaching English because they are not English majors but rather graduates of early childhood learning. This can however be rectified if continuous training and development are offered for them especially when there is a change in the syllabus. Apart from the teachers’ initiatives in tackling the various problems like inadequate materials and books for teaching, recommendations were made to help improve the situation including ideas to have both parents and school administrators join forces in improving the quality of teaching. Teacher training needs to be further improved to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of English as one of the instructional languages used in preschools. Inadequate resources and materials to be used in classrooms and also students’ low level of proficiency in English are some are the challenges faced by the teachers as well. Although technology is integrated into school, optimizing it in class can sometimes be a difficult task for the teachers due to software issues.


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