Understanding Of Sokoto Jihād Leaders On Some Major Sūfi Concepts And Their Impact On The Society


  • Shehu Abdur-Rahman Aboki
  • Ja’far Makau Kaura




Wilāyah, Karāmah, Sokoto Jihād, Sūfi concepts.


Like every other Islamic sciences, Tasawwuf has been distinguished with certain technical terminologies that are peculiar to its studies and practices. It is therefore inconceivable to discuss Tasawwuf and its doctrines without placing in proper perspective the concepts of Wilāyah and Karāmah. Along this line the Sokoto Jihād leaders also followed suit and these concepts were part of the many aspects of Tasawwuf they received to which they contributed to their development. This paper thus examines the belief and understanding of the Sokoto Jihād leaders about these concepts as evident in some of their literary contributions. A general review approach was adopted to provide a critical understanding of the terms and as understood by the Jihād leaders. This is also to enable a fair assessment of the impact of these concepts on the society. The paper concludes that it will be no exaggeration to say that Shaykh ‘Uthmān bn Foduye and some of his associates as well as students and children were identified as Awliyā’ whose Wilāyah was by the grace of Allah. This afforded them the performance of Karāmāt and, by their status in the Jihād process, impacted significantly on the life of his community which accounted for several successes they had been able to achieve.


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