Special Issue: Migration and Refugee Studies 2018

This Special Issue of the esteemed journal Al-Shajarah centres on the ever popular theme of Forced Migration and Refugees. It is a corpus of articles that prides itself in being multidimensional by focusing on the plight of refugees and migrants from several fascinating perspectives. As the contributors arm themselves with the underlying tone of empathy and compassion, the plight of refugees and migrants have been uncovered from the stances of the media, sports, education, shelter, healthcare, ethnic cleansing, the host country, mothers of the Rohingya refugee community in Malaysia, roles of UNHCR and OIC in forced migration, the historical account of Rawa migrants, development of Chinese migrants in Sabah and Muslim migration to the West. It is hoped that the Special Issue enlightens readers further on the predicament of refugees and migrants for future research development.

Published: 2018-12-28