Advanced Voting System Using Fingerprint


  • Tuerxun Waili
  • Amir NurIman Mohd Zaid
  • Mohammed Hazim Alkawaz



A Fingerprint is an important identifier for the humans. This paper proposes finger print voting system with Arduino. The majority of the worldwide election were using a paper-based voting rather than using biometric system. The current voting process has safety problems such as authenticity of voters. In proposed system, a voter identity can be proved instantly. All voters’ information was stored securely to register in the system. The main objective is to enhance the security in order to prevent duplication and provide a system which reduce the burden for people on conducting a voting. Thus, by implementing this system, user can put their vote with fingerprint instead of paper without doubting about their security.  Voting Using Fingerprint reduce the polling time, it provides easy and accurate counting without human labor.




How to Cite

Waili, T., Mohd Zaid, A. N., & Alkawaz, M. H. (2020). Advanced Voting System Using Fingerprint. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing, 6(2), 18–21.