Solving Routing Problem Using Improved Camel Herds Algorithm


  • Ahad Khaleghi Ardabili
  • Zied Othman Ahmed
  • Ali Layth Abbood altinbas University



This paper introduces a new adaptive, distributed routing algorithm based on the Improved  Camel Herds Algorithm (CHA). It is an intelligent, multi-agent optimization algorithm that is inspired by the behavior of camels and how they search for food in their desert environment. We examine its ability to solve the routing problem in switched networks: finding the shortest path in the process of transferring data packets between networks. Many meta-heuristic algorithms have been previously proposed to address the routing problem, and this proposed approach is compared with three well-known algorithms (ACO, GA, PSO) on ten graphs (weighted, integer, and not negative) and datasets with various size of nodes (from 10 nodes to 297 nodes). Three performance criteria were used to evaluate the performance of the algorithms (mean relative error, standard deviation, and number of function evaluations). The results proved that the performance of the proposed algorithm is both promising and competitive with other algorithms.




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Ardabili, A. K., Ahmed, Z. O., & Layth Abbood, A. (2020). Solving Routing Problem Using Improved Camel Herds Algorithm. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing, 6(2), 53–59.