Smart Medicine Drawers Using IOS Application and Arduino Board


  • Abdulrahman Alkandari PAAET
  • Nayfah Almutairi



As people age and engage with life, many people drop the commitments in things which become like a routine that they go on with There are many patients forget to take their treatment on time, while some of them take the treatment but in irregular schedules, which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. The method of reminding patients their schedules by the nurse for the elderly and sitter kids is not considered a successful solution in some cases, because it relies on another person, who may probably omit or forgets the exact time. With the proliferation of smartphones, it requires a technology solution to help patients in determining medication schedules accurately and make them more controlling on taking their medication.

            This paper proposed an application running on the iPhone connecting with smart drawers through the Arduino Board. The primary purpose of this application is to organize and remind patients to take their medicines on the accurate time. Drawers can be opened and closed through the application.




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Alkandari, A., & Almutairi, N. (2019). Smart Medicine Drawers Using IOS Application and Arduino Board. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing, 5(2), 59–65.