Towards Green Office: A Systematic Literature Review on Smart Office Interior in Malaysia


  • Nor Hafiza Halim
  • Arita Hanim Awang Department of Applied Arts and Design, IIUM
  • Noraini Ahmad
  • Nurlelawati Ab. Jalil
  • Zuraini Denan
  • Noor Hanita Abdul Majid



Over the last few years, many Malaysia employees have been spending more time at the office to do their jobs, even though during the weekend. This happen due to the in-office distraction, workload, meeting overload and also striver syndrome. All of these causes may lead to the sleep deprived, overworked and also unhealthy among the employee. Thus, the office plays an important role for the employee nowadays to work in a comfortable, efficient and convenient working environment. In order to enhance the work environment in the future, the smart office must be introduced to the employee, employers and designers in Malaysia. Systematic review presents an overview of ideas to clearly define and enable in the availability of potentially relevant studies through one or more designated research questions. It requires proper evaluation of the databases and keywords for accurate papers in an electronic search engine. Following this systematic analysis, it was observed that there are little significant scientific findings from previous researches on the smart office interior in Malaysia.

Keywords: Systematic literature review, smart office, office interior, Malaysia.




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Nor Hafiza Halim, Awang, A. H., Noraini Ahmad, Nurlelawati Ab. Jalil, Denan, Z., & Abdul Majid, N. H. (2021). Towards Green Office: A Systematic Literature Review on Smart Office Interior in Malaysia. Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management (JAPCM), 11(1).