Islamic City Structure in Sekayu, Semarang (The Viewpoint of Urban Design)


  • Siti Rukayah R.


Some experts stated that the city of Semarang had several times the displacement of the city centre, Bubakan-Gabahan-Sekayu-Kanjengan. Kanjengan has the same city structure with the city that has a pattern of Sultanate Islam on the North coast of Java (alon-alon, Mosque in Western side and regent building in the Southern side, market in the northern side). Only Kanjengan which still has artifacts of Islamic city structure. Meanwhile in the area Sekayu only the mosque just as artifacts suggest that the area has the possibility of having the characteristic of Islam city structure.
Research city history has proved that the structure of Sekayu has a toponimic village names associated with the presence of the office of Regent of Semarang. Through the theory of architecture is very difficult to prove the hypothesis because the mosque has undergone several renovations. Researchers want to prove that from the viewpoint of urban design theory. Now Sekayu is a very crowded environment. Researches will use an umbrella theory of traditional town in Java. Based on old maps, current conditions, google earth, researchers suspect the existence of alon-alon in the front side/Eastern of the Mosque.

The findings of the research that Islamic city pattern had waterfront concept as universal design that applied on city design center to facilitate the migrants when they passed the water circulation (foreign traders and sailors). All of four city center in Semarang laid along Semarang river. It is urgent to conserve them as heritage Islamic city and develop as old city heritage tour along the river like in other country. Reseacher would like to conduct joint research with Malaysia to explore the concept of Melaka world Heritage along Sungai Melaka as a famous tourism in the world. Melaka have the same characteristic with Semarang city that growth from various etnicity along the river. The diferences are that Melaka had became an international harbour since the 14 century. For the next research Alun-alun and this surounding as Islamic city structures in Java will be compared with the lapang in Malaysia




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