• Asst. Prof. Dr. Julaila Abdul Rahman
  • Nur Nabilah Masron
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Zumahiran Kamarudin


This project aims to develop an innovative sidecar motorcycle for a mobile entrepreneur or mobileprenuer who runs a service-oriented business. There are three kinds of data collection methods: line-up study, a questionnaire survey and interviews. The line-up study has been done to identify 10 existing sidecar motorcycles with their various characteristics such as material, design
features, and colour. The questionnaire survey was carried out among 100 mobile entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur to obtain the mobile render perception towards the design features. The questionnaire has four main sections: demographic, issues, design features and comments. The interview session was done with one representative from the industry to obtain the latest information on the sidecar motorcycle. The line-up study found that aluminum is one of the suitable material, which is used for sidecar motorcycle because of its practicality. Various design feature ideas can be applied further for sidecar motorcycle in
the local market. The survey outcomes showed that the existing sidecar in Malaysia does not have the wide space for business purposes such as storage system and other required design features. From the case study, it is found that refurbishment on the sidecar motorcycle has been made by the mobileprenuer, which is lacking in safety and other design features. As a finding, there is a need to propose a sidecar motorcycle with new design features that will not compromise the safety requirement and can fit various types of business. BITARA is a sidecar motorcycle for mobileprenuer. BITARA has a potential as the start-up kit in mobilepreneur in improving the existing mobileprenuer business in Malaysian’s rural, sub-rural and city area.

Keywords: mobile entrepreneur, sidecar motorcycle, innovation, design features